The Weekend Builder

A dad, a DIYer, but not a morning person

Although I’m not a contractor, I’ve spent my whole life renovating houses, woodworking, and building. I hope to inspire people to take on projects and DIY their lives.

About Me

My name is Clayton and first and foremost, I’m a dad!

I have two kids; a newborn and a three year old. And everything I do is for my family.

My father was a general contractor and my step father owned a roofing business so I grew up in construction. I think the fact that I always had my parents’ tools at my disposal growing up (and let me use them) allowed me to discover very quickly that I love building things. As a kid, my parents were in a constant state of flipping houses, and whenever I wanted, they would let me work for them to earn some money, but looking back, the experience and desire to build things was the biggest payout from it all.

I grew up in…